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A woman is killed every 2.5 days in Canada, with more than half killed by current or former intimate partners.


On any given night in Canada, 3,491 women sleep in shelters to escape abuse.


On any given night in Canada, 2,724 children sleep in shelters to escape abuse

of Canadians

67% of all Canadians personally known at least one woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse.

Safe Shelter & Community-based Counselling For Women

Kingston Interval House (KIH) provides 24-hour safe emergency shelter, community-based counselling services and Second Stage Housing to women, youth and children escaping violence. Since 1975, KIH has been responding to the needs of abused women and their children, and youth, in our community.

Annually on average KIH:

  • Houses 200 women, children, and youth in the Emergency Shelter.

  • Provides counselling and support to 80 children and 500 women in the community through the Outreach Programs.

  • Facilitates over 800 safety planning sessions with women.

  • Answers 1800 crisis and support calls.

  • Provides rent geared-to-income housing for approximately 30 women, children, and youth at the Robin’s Hope second stage transitional housing facility.

By supporting Kingston Interval House, YOU will help KIH to get one step closer to ending violence against women in our community.

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How We Support Women

When a woman arrives at the shelter, they will be greeted by our professional staff who will invite them to a comfortable room for an intake interview. Their children/youth will be cared for by a Children/Youth’s Service Worker while they meet with one of our counsellors. Once settled in to a comfortable, quiet room, we will have some questions to determine how we can be of assistance. We will ensure their needs are addressed. We will provide food if they are hungry, a rest if they need it and above all a staff member to whom you can share your story. Confidentiality is of utmost concern to all staff at Kingston Interval House.

We provide a bag of personal care items (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, tampons, pads etc.) and a room. You will then have some time to get settled. Staff will go over the routines of the shelter within the first day with us.

Our professional staff are always on hand to assist the residents with whatever needs arise.

We help with:

  • Housing and custody documents
  • Child school registration

  • Advocacy and support for community services
  • Addressing medical concerns and/or addictions

  • Referral to free legal services

  • Reconnecting with family and/or friends

  • Relocation information

  • Education, Literacy resources

  • Budgeting, Life Skills, and Nutrition information

  • And many other needs as they arise

Family Support

Learn How You Can Help

There are many ways in which you can help to stop violence against women in our community!

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Children/Youth At The Shelter

When children and youth arrive at the shelter, they will be welcomed by our professional staff and, brought to our designated play space to spend some time with a trained Children/Youth’s Services Counsellor while mom meets with one of our counsellors. Your children/youth will be safe and will be with staff until mom is ready to collect them. At no time will a child or youth leave the buildings without mom’s knowledge.

Children/youth and moms are assigned the same room so there is no separation while at the shelter. Depending on the age of the children/youth they will be provided with some basic necessities as well (tooth brush, diapers, formula). Children and youth can accompany mom on the shelter tour.

We encourage and support moms to spend as much quality time with their children/youth as possible. We offer many mom/children and youth outings throughout the year. Monday to Friday the Children/Youth’s Services Counsellors provide moms who are interested; a two hour respite care in order to attend appointments at the shelter or to make telephone calls to housing, lawyers, police, doctors, etc.

There is also specific programming available to youth who are 12+ years residing in the shelter.

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