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This house where I stay is really nice,

A place where they help and give advice,

For women to be free from all the misery,

A lot to deal with every day and hope everything good will come my way,

To God I pray every night hoping all will be right.

This House, Client Poem

I have no doubt that it is because of Kingston Interval House that I am alive now. Not just alive but on a path of healing.

I lived my worst nightmares at the hands of my partner. He isolated me and my baby for months. I had nobody around and it felt like there was no way out for us.

Really, there was no way out had it not been for Kingston Interval House.

I can remember the relief I felt when my worker said she believed me, and that my baby and I could stay in safety at the shelter.

Every step of the way I was surrounded by strong professionals guiding my path.

Even terrified I was able to keep going and day by day regain my identity.

I’m eternally grateful to Kingston Interval House for their level of commitment to women and children.

Former KIH Client, Kingston Interval House

There is a place where you can go. Filled with women you may not know.

Scared with fear, quiet as a mouse. This place is called Kingston Interval House.

When you pull up in front of the place. Wipe those tears running down your face.

The doors open with a greeting smile. You’ll start to calm down after a while.

Time will go by and the healing begin. This is one battle your ex won’t win.

Take all the help that is offered you. And hopefully one day you won’t be so blue.

There’s one special counselor, in her own way. She will always help you in the right way.

A smile like an angel and a heart of gold. When she was born they broke the mold.

My life would be better so wholesome and true. I wish my mother was a lot like you.

I admire her beauty and she’s so smart. That’s why she has a special place in my heart.

Hope, Client Poem