What is a third-party event?

Any fundraising event or initiative hosted by an individual, community group, service club or business that is external to Kingston Interval House (KIH) that aims to raise money through a planned activity, event, etc. on behalf of KIH.

Kingston Interval House benefits immensely from third-party fundraising events by:

  • Raising awareness in our community about violence against women, and how KIH programs and services help to stop it.

  • Providing financial support to KIH to help women, children, and youth move towards a future free of violence.

  • Introducing new volunteers to KIH.

You can help KIH in one or all these ways by hosting your own event.  Please review this manual to learn more about how you can host your own event in support of KIH.

Kingston Interval House (KIH):

KIH is a local agency that works towards ending violence against women, children, and youth in Kingston and surrounding area.  Its core services include:

  • Emergency Shelter Services

  • Second Stage Housing

  • Community counselling and outreach

  • Advocacy

Our work would not be possible without our generous community of supporters.  Thank you so much for considering us as the charity of choice for your fundraising event.  Quite simply, we could not do what we do without individuals like you- THANK YOU!

How Kingston Interval House (KIH) can support your event


  • Create a fundraising page through CanadaHelps.

  • Offer advice on how to organize your event. KIH would love to discuss your ideas and plans with you.

  • Help promote your event by posting on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

  • Send a representative from KIH to attend your event (if a representative is required and available).

  • Provide you with KIH information and materials (i.e., brochures, postcards, background information). Please note, the more time we are given to prepare materials for your event, the better chance that they will be available for your event.

  • Authorize the use of our name and logo at your event for KIH.

  • Issue tax receipts, subject to Canada Revenue Guidelines.


  • Fund or reimburse for any event expenses.

  • Provide KIH donor, sponsor, or volunteer lists.

  • Solicit individuals, groups, companies, etc., for donations or sponsorship for the event. The organizer(s) of the event are responsible for all canvassing.

  • Guarantee the attendance of staff or volunteers at your event.

  • Provide tax receipts for funds that are not directly received by KIH.

  • Provide tax receipts for in-kind items donated for the event.

  • Choose what type of event you want to host. Some ideas include:

  • ‘A-thons’ (ex: dance-a-thon, walk-a-thon, swim-a-thon, etc.)

  • Gift wrapping (especially during the holidays)

  • Seasonal fundraising (ex. Candy grams for valentines day, Holiday decorating contest, etc.)

  • Auctions

  • Bake Sale

  • BBQ / cook-off

  • Prize Draw

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Bowling night

  • Car wash

  • Comedy night

  • Craft sale

  • Fitness challenge

  • Game night

  • Golf tournament

  • Karaoke night

  • Movie night

  • Pancake breakfast

  • Quiz night

  • Sporting event

  • Wedding

  • Select a day, time, and location that is most appropriate for your type of event.

  • Set your fundraising goal.

  • Determine the budget for your event.

  • Request a letter of support from KIH, if required.

  • Recruit volunteers if needed.

  • Seek out sponsors to cover any costs you may incur for the event. Start with people you know.  You can also ask your employer if they will match donations for your event.

  • Create a timeline for the event to ensure your event is organized and stays on track.

  • Advertise your event. This can be done through social media and local media channels.  Please ensure that prior to advertising, your materials, messaging, and event have been approved by KIH.

  • Let KIH know what materials you will need for the event and if you would like a representative at your event. Please give us a minimum of 2 weeks notice to ensure we can provide everything you need.

  • Ensure volunteers have clear roles and responsibilities.

  • HAVE FUN!!!!


  • Thank everyone who was involved with the event (participants, volunteers, sponsors, donors, etc.)

  • Contact KIH if you are interested in doing a cheque presentation in honor of your event.

  • Consider hosting your event annually.


Thank you for choosing to consider supporting Kingston Interval House (KIH) by planning a third-party event. Your support helps to get one step closer to butting a stop to violence against women in our community.