Common Room
Robins Hope Apartment Space

Second Stage Housing Program

Robin’s Hope, Kingston Interval House’s Second Stage housing facility, offers an eighteen -unit apartment building aimed at providing safe and supportive housing to women and children fleeing violence in the Kingston area.

As housing prices rise and access to affordable housing decreases, Robin’s Hope follows a rent-geared-to-income model where everyone’s rent is tailored to their specific income. This ultimately provides a more equitable opportunity for women looking to access safe housing.

KIH’s goal has been to house 30 women and children throughout the year through this model, however we continue to exceed this number each year. The goal of transitional housing is to equip women with the support and tools needed to feel empowered and be successful in their transition back into the community.

While women stay at Robin’s Hope for up to a year, they can engage in life skills-based groups, individual counselling as well as access counselling for their children, and are given assistance with connecting to community partners and resources.

Furthermore, it is our belief that food security is an important factor in safety and stability for women and their children, and because of this Robin’s Hope has partnered with several organizations and businesses to provide as many opportunities for access to food as possible.

It is inspiring to watch women break free from the cycle of abuse, and we are humbled to be part of that process. We are in awe of the strength and resiliency that we see each day and continue to reassess our program to ensure that we are meeting the needs of these women and children in the most effective ways.