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Press Release – KIH WEBSITE

New Look, New Info

Kingston Interval House’s new website offers critical information to women who are looking to escape their violent domestic situations.  The new website offers tips on how to leave, what you can expect when you arrive at the shelter, and how to cover your tracks for safety.  The new website is able to be viewed from smart phones, tablets and computers.

The website offers helpful tips for those who think they know of someone who needs help but does not know where to turn.  For anyone studying the issues of violence against women there are many links to helpful resources.

Being able to engage the community is a critical part of the sustainability of Kingston Interval House and the new website recognizes those who have contributed as well as a portal to donate and a section to apply to volunteer at the Agency.

Kingston Interval House thanks TrueCourse Communications Inc., specifically, Kelsey Weidman for generously building our new website.

About Kingston Interval House

Kingston Interval House is an Emergency Shelter and Second Stage Housing facility for women, children and youth experiencing violence. Our Emergency Shelter has 25 beds and is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The shelter offers meals, accommodation, counselling, clothing, toiletries and safety.

Our Second Stage Housing facility – Robin’s Hope – provides affordable housing in 18, one and two bedroom apartments for up to one year for the women and children who are involved with Kingston Interval House.

We have French Language, Aboriginal, Children’s and Women’s Counselors offering support and referrals through our Outreach Program to the women and children who have experienced violence and are in the community.

Kingston Interval House receives funding from many sources. Donations from our community are the mainstay to many of our programs and basic shelter needs. The funding we receive from The Ministry of Community and Social Services provides for about 80% of our overall budget. We look to the community and granting agencies to help bridge the gap between Ministry funding and the needs of the women and children of our Shelter, Second Stage Housing facility and in the community.

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