Shelter Life for Women

When you arrive at the shelter you will be greeted by our professional staff who will invite you to join them in a comfortable room for an intake interview. Your children/youth will be cared for by a Children/Youth’s Service Worker while you meet with one of our counselors. Once settled in this comfortable, quiet room, we will then have some questions for you in order for us to determine how we can assist you. We will ensure your needs are addressed. You will be able to have food if you are hungry, a rest if you are exhausted and above all a staff member to whom you can share your story. Confidentiality is of utmost concern to all staff at Kingston Interval House.

You will be provided with a bag of personal care items (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, tampons, pads etc.) and shown to your room. You will then have some time to get settled. Staff will meet with you again to go over the routines of the shelter within your first day with us.

Our professional staff are always on hand to assist the residents with whatever needs arise. Everything from help with:

* Housing and custody documents
* Registering your child in school
* Advocacy and support for community services
* Assistance with securing financial support through Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, Canadian Pension Plan or Employment Insurance or finding employment
* Addressing medical concerns and/or addictions
* Referral to free legal services
* Reconnecting with family and/or friends
* Relocation information
* Education, Literacy resources
* Budgeting, Life Skills, and Nutrition information
And many other needs as they arise

See photos of our Emergency Shelter here.