Shelter Life for Children/Youth

When children and youth arrive at the shelter, they will be welcomed by our professional staff and, brought to our designated play space to spend some time with a trained Children/Youth’s Services Counselor while mom meets with one of our counselors. Your children/youth will be safe and will be with staff until mom is ready to collect them. At no time will a child or youth leave the buildings without mom’s knowledge.

Children/youth and moms are assigned the same room so there is no separation while at the shelter. Depending on the age of the children/youth they will be provided with some basic necessities as well (tooth brush, diapers, formula). Children and youth can accompany mom on the shelter tour.

We encourage and support moms to spend as much quality time with their children/youth as possible. We offer many mom/children and youth outings throughout the year. Monday to Friday the Children/Youth’s Services Counsellors provide moms who are interested; a two hour respite care in order to attend appointments at the shelter or to make telephone calls to housing, lawyers, police, doctors, etc.

There is also specific programming available to youth who are 12+ years residing in the shelter.